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About Us

At MAKE PRE-SCHOOL, we truly harness its potential for the young learners and has adopted and blended with its own ideology and credo. Make World Academy amalgamates global learning with cherishing traditional values of Leadership, Discipline and Academic Excellence. every tot at Make World Academy are always built in with a unique chance to combine their best strengths towards building a successful career.

What is unique about MAKE PRE-SCHOOL

MAKE PRE-SCHOOL aims to apply and take full influence of teaching new things like Arts, Crafts, Hand-Writing insuring that tots get the full range of knowledge to plump for. Its unmatched infrastructure, facilities and service towards learning are deemed to make it the best amongst other Pre-Schools in Bangalore city.

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Why choose Make world Academy?

The preschool period is the most precious time period of a child. Because the most critical years of a child’s life need the right environment and guidance. MAKE PRE-SCHOOL is inspiring to early childhood education. Our preschool, value the child as strong and capable with a sense of wonder. Make world Academy, provides experienced staff who are passionate about early childhood development.

Every preschool should prepare itself for a new world with innovation thinking of how they are educating. We at MAKE PRE-SCHOOL, serve to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development areas of a child along with promoting all-round development. Providing a happy, clean and secure environment is what made us stay ahead in the competition. Through our interactive, fun, realistic learning experiences we build curiosity and expand learning.

Our Preschool is the most trusted parenting partner. MAKE PRE-SCHOOL has designed learning spaces and a passionate set of teachers who provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for children. We believe in, Children learn the best by Hands-on, which helps them to think and explore. Considering this belief, we provide children with practical learning experiences that implant a lasting love for learning.